RituKolentine has established an academy to share her knowledge and help others to build their careers in the field of makeup.

Here is the list of courses offered.

Basic Course in Hair

Duration:60 Days
3hrs: Mon-Fri

1. Hygiene & Sanitation
2. Hair Types
3. Knowledge of Technical Tools & Equipments
4. Hair Trilogy – Theory
5. Hair Massage/Head Massage
6. Shampoo
7. Split End Care & Maintenance of Hair 8. Deep Conditioning
9. Treatments (Dandruff/Hairfall etc.)
10. Blow Dry (Style & Techniques)
11. Hair Styles – 10 Types
12. Oiling 13. Haircut – 4 Types

Basic Course in Makeup

Duration: One Month
3hrs: Mon-Fri

1. Dupatta Setting – 3
2. Sarree Tying – 3
3. Hair Styles – 3
4.Day Makeup
5. Self Makeup
6.Party Makeup
7. Jewellery Setting/Styling
8. Product Knowledge
9. Hygiene & Sanitation
10. Lehnga Styling

Beauty, Skin, Hair & Makeup Diploma

Duration : 1 Year
3hrs : Mon-Fri

1. Basic Course as – Beauty, Skin, Hair, Makeup
2. Facials – 10 Types
3. Mehandi – 10 Types
4. Hair – Re bonding, Coloring,
Root Touch-up

5. Hair Styles – 20 Types
6. Nail Art
7. Bridal Makeup
8. Air-Brush Make up
9. Corrective Makeup
10. Chemical Jobs – On Hair
11. Personality Development
12. Interview Techniques
13. Lab Awareness

Certificate Course in Beauty & Skin - Hair

Duration:60 Days
3hrs: Mon-Fri

1. Facial
3.Waxing Techniques
4. Threading (Eyebrows, Upperlip, Forehead, Chin)
5. Skin Type
6. Function of Skin
7. Massages
8. Therapies
9. Bleaching
10. Product Knowledge
11. Hygiene & Sanitation
12. Safety
13. Hair Removal Techniques
14. Skin Analysis
15.Usages of Technical Machines. Anatomy & Physiology of Skin Diet & Nutrition for Skin
16. Home Remedies and Packs

The only pioneer institution providing advanced make-up
artistry courses in the region.

Advance Diploma in Cosmetology - Hair

I. Hygiene & Sanitation
II. Hair Types
III. Knowledge of Technical Tools & Equipment
IV. Hair Trilogy – Theory
V. Hair Massage/Head Massage
VI. Shampoo VII. Split End Care & Maintenance of Hair
VIII. Deep Conditioning
IX. Treatments (Dandruff/Hair fall etc.)
X. Blow Dry (Style & Techniques)
XI. Hair Styles – 10 Types
XII. Oiling XIII. Haircut – 4 Types

Advance Diploma in Cosmetology - Skin

I. Facial
II. Manicure/Pedicure
III. Waxing Techniques
IV. Threading
(Eyebrows, Upper lip, Forehead, Chin)
V. Skin Type
VI. Function of Skin
VII. Massages
VIII. Therapies
IX. Bleaching
X. Product Knowledge
XI. Hygiene & Sanitation
XII. Safety
XIII. Hair Removal Techniques
XIV. Skin Analysis
XV. Usages of Technical Machines. Anatomy & Physiology of Skin Diet & Nutrition for Skin XVI. Home Remedies and Packs.

Advance Diploma in Cosmetology - Beauty

I. Dupatta Setting – 3
II. Sarree Tying – 3
III. Hair Styles – 3
IV. Day Makeup
V. Self Makeup
VI.Party Makeup
VII. Jewellery Setting/Styling
VIII. Product Knowledge
IX. Hygiene & Sanitation X. Lehnga Styling

Advance Diploma in Cosmetology - Nail Art

I. Stick Pen
II. Gel
III. Brush Techniques
IV. Product Knowledge
V. Hygiene & Sanitation

I. Hair Spa – 5 Types
II. Body Spa
III. Nail Spa
IV. Body Polishing
V. Body Massage
VI. Sauna/Steam/Jacuzzi etc.
VII. Ayurveda Treatments
VIII. Methods & Techniques in Kateri wax
IX. Methods & Precautions in bikini wax
X. Body Wax (Trolley Preparation)
XI. Body Scrubbing
XII. Peeling
XIII. Makeup – 10 Types

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